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How to not freeze when in front of camera.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

We all have felt that awkward feeling when you are in front of the camera about to start and you don´t know what to do.

At the beginning I didn´t understand why this happens... Until it happened to me and understood everything.

97% of people do is immediately make the pose that they think they look good (some of them for all their life) when in fact, they have so many better poses.

In this post, Im going to share 3 tips so that you don´t have to live through that anymore.

Caught by surprise.

Enjoy the experience

As your photographer it is my mission to give you that perfect picture so I will guide you in different poses and activities during your photoshoot that will help you have fun while doing incredible shots.

Believe in yourself

Do you know what is another big key for a successful photoshoot? You. You need to believe in yourself for that small time window and be whoever you want to be, no restrains, just be you.

Know yourself

98% of people say that they are not photogenic but they are, they just don´t know it yet.

Every time we have to go to a date or meeting, we see ourselves at the mirror and constantly check which one is our better angles, outfits or hair style. Practice yourself at the mirror, try different angles, poses, smiles and stands.

Follow these few steps and see how the fear to the camera will go down, now that you have more knowledge about what to expect in a photoshoot.

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